Corporate Governance

Health and Safety

The Barkby Group PLC takes the health and safety of its employees and contractors seriously, and strives to exceed statutory obligations and achieve best practice.

Corporate Governance

Although not required by NEX Rules, the Directors comply with the provisions of the QCA Guidelines to the extent that they believe it is appropriate in light of the size, stage of development and resources. At present, due to the size of the Group, audit and risk management issues will be addressed by the Board. As the Group grows, the Board will consider establishing an audit and risk management committee and will consider developing further policies and procedures which reflect the principles of good governance. Find out more on our Board Committees page.

The Company has adopted, and will operate where applicable, a share dealing code for directors and senior executives in compliance with the NEX Rules.

As required, the Company will comply with the provisions of the NEX Rules, as amended from time to time, which govern the operation and administration of the NEX market, including the arrangements for the admission of securities to NEX and ongoing requirements once admitted to trading.

The Board of Directors comprises two part-time non-executive directors. The Directors are of the opinion that the recommendations of the QCA Guidelines on corporate governance have been implemented to an appropriate level and as far as practicable. The Board, through the Chairman and Non-executive Directors, maintain regular contact with its advisers and public relations consultants in order to ensure that the Board develops an understanding of the views of major shareholders about the Company.

The Board meets at least four times a year. The board is responsible for formulating, reviewing and approving the Group’s strategy, financial activities and operating performance. Day-to-day management is devolved to the managing director of the local subsidiary who is charged with consulting with the board on all significant financial and operational matters. Consequently, decisions are made promptly and following consultation among Directors concerned where necessary and appropriate.

All necessary information is supplied to the Directors on a timely basis to enable them to discharge their duties effectively, and all Directors have access to independent professional advice, at the Company’s expense, as and when required.

The participation of both private and institutional investors at the Annual General Meeting is welcomed by the Board.

Supplier Payment Policy

It is the Group’s policy to pay suppliers in accordance with the terms of business agreed with them usually within 30 days.

The Barkby Group PLC is subject to the UK Takeover Code.